To: Dr. Richard Brisebois

From: Priscilla Kaimathiri

Date: February 26, 2008

Subject: The changes I made to my Previous Resume

In the previous version of my resume, I did not type my name, and my contacts at the top center with bold font where it can be easily seen when employers place it in a file or drawer. So when I corrected, it looked better and easier and quicker to get my name plus my contacts.

Additionally, in my previous resume, I did not include my home telephone and my e-mail address, which are necessary for the employer’s communication. In my previous resume, I did not omit pronouns referring to myself like (I, me, my). As well as to begin sentences with action verbs. For example instead of writing “I had responsibility for development of new territory.” I should write “Developed new territory.” So when I corrected, it sounded better and easier to read.

Again, my previous resume did not have a list of references (people who have agreed to supply information about me when requested). This is an important component of my employment credentials, for the people listed in the reference can provide information which can add credibility to my resume. So, I added three references plus their contacts, one from my college and the others from where I previously worked.

Also, it was not professionally written. So, I wrote my final copy in a brief and precise way that made it sound more professional.

Finally, since I made the above changes, my final resume became professionally sound.


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