5 Days Without a Cell phone

I have decided to give up cell phone for 5 days starting from today Wednesday at 6.30 a. m. up to Sunday evening. In today’s life, some people think that they can not do without a cell phone as one of the means of communication even for a single day. But I believe I can do without it for some time, because I can use other means of communication such as e-mail, instant mail, and land line.

Cell phone is an electronic device that helps me to communicate to my friends, and family members in Kenya and other parts of the world. Even though cell phone is part and parcel of my life, I can as well operate without it. This is so because I can plan to operate like when cell phones were not invented, yet people communicated and did their intended projects. What might happen during this period of 5 days without cell phone is that I will not perform as quickly as when I have the cell phone. So many things might be delayed.

Also, I will not be calling wherever I will be and whenever I want. Again I will inconvenience my friends because they will be calling me without getting through. The absence of my cell phone will deny me the access to my text messages, voice mail messages, and several telephone calls. This means I will experience the problem of back load of the messages that will be forwarded during the five days.

I too guess that some of my friends, and relatives especially in Meru – Kenya where I hail from will be in great panic and disappointment because they might not know why I will not be answering their messages back.


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