3rd Day without Cell Phone

Today, Friday, being my third day without cell phone, (one of electronic communication) was a horrible day for when I drove out of my house I accidentally left with all the house keys.  

Since I did not have a cell phone to pass the message to one of the family members, I was totally stuck because I was almost at the Reinhardt College.  There was no way I could communicate with any of the family members that I had the keys.  Then, I stopped at a gas station and tried to call my sister through a pay phone.  I lost a total amount of $10 through using unserviced pay phone in the gas station and unfortunately I could not go through.

When they arrived home from school, they could not get in the house.  So, this created a lot of confusion and disappointment, because I had to drive back to settle the matter.  This episode inconvenienced me so much that I realized the importance of using cell phone. 


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