Review of Five Days Without Cell Phone

I have managed to live for five days (Wednesday up to Sunday) without cell phone. But it was not very easy, for when I opened my cell phone on Sunday evening I had very many messages plus voice mails from my family members, friends, place of work, insurance company, credit card, church, and many others.

However, even though I missed a lot of calls, this was a good lesson that I have learnt that cell phone should not take total control of my life. When the cell phones were not invented, still people could live without them. It was also a quiet five days without noise from cell phone.

My prediction came true, but there were so many things which were delayed. I inconvenienced my friends, family members, and others because they were calling without getting through. It caused a lot of panic too. So, I have back load of the messages that needs to be attended to.

During these five days without cell phone, I missed some of my classes in the morning. I also lost some money trying to catch up with some situations. So, this created a lot of delays and some confusion, and disappointment, for there was no other means of electronic communication which could be faster than cell phone in most cases. For example in some rural areas of Kenya where there is no electricity I could not use any other electronic communication.

Even though I could do without a cell phone, it is still a vital tool for communication and also it is economically viable.


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