Summary: Toyota Motor Corporation Internal Communication Practices

Toyota Motors Corporation uses writing to effectively communicate on all levels of business. Newsletter writing and corporate communications are essential elements that have kept the staff informed and given the company the corporate image, and publicly perceived notion of credibility and reliability that is extremely important to its bottom line.

Equally, the corporation use notice board to disseminate the information from the corporation. What I gathered from the research is that it is impossible to rely on it because people don’t read news from it as frequently as required. So it is not very effective. Bulletins are widely used because they are readily available to the readers due to being in strategic places. That is bulletins are placed in front offices or counters which are open to each and every member of the staff. So, it is an effective tool of Toyota Motors Corporation internal communication for it does communicate so effectively. Memo just like bulletin is a vital means of communication, it has proven to be very efficient in passing messages to staff, at the needed time. Memo is seldom used and it has shown great effect in reaching the staff the time they are urgently needed. Toyota Corporation uses cell phones as a means of internal communication because it provides an incredible array of functions, and every staff is encourage to have new sets that does not fail in reception because the corporation as found cell phone to be very effective in passing urgent messages.

Nevertheless, I found that both cell phone and telephone has been part and parcel of communication in Toyota Motors Corporation, and they will continue being used because the company has a lot of trust in the business that cell phone and telephone does to them.

Again, Toyota Motors staff uses instant messaging which allows effective and efficient communication, featuring immediate receipt of acknowledgment or reply. In certain cases instant messaging involves additional features, which make it even more popular, that is to see the other party, for example by using web cam, or to talk directly for free over the internet. This method of communication is very much used within the Toyota Corporation premises. It has proven to be effective because one can see whom he/she is interacting with. E-mail is also used frequently and it is more popular in Toyota Motor Corporation because: It has an advantage of a mailing list which has a clear ability to distribute information to staff at a relatively low cost when compared to other media investments such as direct mail or printed newsletters. Also the report I got from the corporations was that the text messages are widely used for they have played a very positive communication role in this company. It has been widely utilized and it will be more and more used within this corporation.

Equally, face to face has been used as a vital tool of communication in Toyota motors corporation. So, face to face meetings provide a rich nonverbal context and direct human contact, they also have certain limitations. In addition to the obvious logistical issues of schedules and distance, face to face meetings may be dominated by overly vocal, quick-to-speak, and high status members. An additional potential obstacle to communication within the Toyota corporation staff is the results from the differences in communication styles that men and women typically exhibit. So, face ti face is a very effective method of communication, because through it sensitive matters such as who is not performing, who is of questionable character and many other in house issues are communicated. It acts as a place of the in house cleaning of Toyota. It is in such meeting that the development matters are also reported and those who have performed excellently are given awards.

Finally, all methods of communication used by Toyota Corporation most of them plays a very essential role in passing the vital messages that help build the company. The effectiveness of those communication methods have contributed so positively to the success of the company that has operated for over thirty years in the business of selling Toyota motor vehicles. Due to the usage of effective communication, the corporation have managed to buy another branch that they expand the business which will operate in an enormous magnitude.


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